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Is Glucosamine Good for Joint Pain?

Glucosamine supplements are typically made from either shark cartilage or shellfish.

Glucosamine works by restoring the synovial fluid in joints and providing the ‘building blocks’ for joint cartilage.

The main form of glucosamine is glucosamine sulfate. It helps maintain the health of your joints by supporting connective tissue and stimulating the production of synovial fluid. Glucosamine can also contain chondroitin sulfate, which plays a role in healing and repairing damaged cartilage and promotes healthy joint function and mobility.

Glucosamine appears to effectively reduce pain associated with osteoarthritis and other joint conditions.

What Are the Risks of Taking Glucosamine?

On the whole, glucosamine is quite safe as a supplement. However, it is essential to consult your doctor, physician, or naturopath before taking glucosamine supplements if you already take medications for your heart, are on blood thinners, or have diabetes.