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Should a Collagen Supplement Be Part of Your Daily Routine?

Joints allow the bones in your body to move with relative ease. The surface of a joint is covered in cartilage, which acts as an elastic cushion and reduces the friction of movement within a joint. Joint pain can make even the simplest activities difficult. Walking up a flight of stairs, bending, or sitting to stand is much more challenging when your joints become stiff and painful. This can impede daily tasks like getting groceries. Can collagen supplements really help you feel better?

Collagen Is a Natural Protein that Your Body Produces. It's Essential For:

Joint Function: Collagen is a protein found in the cartilage at the ends of our bones, protecting them, along with being abundant in the rest of our bodies. It has many benefits, including absorbing shock and helping joints glide together easily. However, joint pain often occurs when this flexible tissue deteriorates due to injury or aging.

Muscle Health: As we age, our body undergoes a natural process of change that can lead to weakened joints and muscles. The decreased production of collagen may also affect muscle strength and muscle mass. Muscles that support your joints are an essential component in the maintenance and function of regular body movements. Muscular weakness can contribute to joint pain.