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Magnesium is an essential mineral responsible for promoting nerve cell communication, normal heart rhythm, muscle contractions, and absorbing protein into our body. That’s why it’s essential that this mineral must be a part of our daily balanced diet. Found mostly in cashews, spinach, legumes, and almonds, the quantity of nutrients in the natural sources fails to fulfill our daily magnesium requirement of 400 milligrams. Thus, one should consider magnesium supplements to maintain their daily requirement of this essential vitamin. Healthy Planet Canada provides a wide range of the best magnesium supplements that can be included in your diet to ensure you get your daily dose of this important mineral!

Get Access To The Right Multivitamins!

If your doctor has prescribed you a daily dose of magnesium to make up for any deficiency of this essential mineral in your diet, then you have come to the right place! Healthy Plant Canada’s range of magnesium vitamins will help you boost the magnesium level in your body, thus helping you maintain a healthy and fit body. Magnesium is crucial for bone and heart health and should be an essential part of your diet or supplement regimen. Our calcium and magnesium supplements are all naturally sourced, non-GMO, and primarily gluten-free.