Plant-Based Protein

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Vegan and Plant-Based Protein  

Protein is part of the essential nutritional needs required by our bodies to maintain and increase muscle mass and strength, as well as being important for our bones and for general well-being. It is also great for weight loss! People trying to lose weight can increase their consumption of protein rather than carbohydrates to ensure they have more energy from fewer calories and stay satiated longer! For vegetarians and vegans, it can be challenging to come across good, natural protein sources. Many may find themselves suffering from protein deficiency. Doctors, physicians, and dieticians will often suggest a vegan protein powder or a plant-based protein powder to their vegetarian patients to provide enough protein to meet all their nutritional needs.

Get Your Daily Dose Of Multivitamins

In case you’ve been recommended to take a vegan protein or plant-based protein by your doctor, you can find what you need right here at Healthy Planet Canada! We offer a wide range of the best vegan protein powder and plant-based protein powder, including soy protein, rice protein, fermented protein, hemp protein, pea protein and pumpkin seed protein. These vegetarian, vegan,  gluten-free, and naturally sourced vegan proteins ensure that you get the protein you need while maintaining a plant-based or vegan diet. Check out our online shop and order the best vegan protein powder to live your happy, healthy (environmentally friendly) lifestyle with a well-balanced diet!