Spearheading the Growth of Natural Health Products in a Post-Pandemic World

As the Head of Marketing at Healthy Planet, a thriving health food and supplements grocery chain based in Ontario, Canada and one of Canada’s biggest health first e-commerce www.healthyplanetcanada.com. I am excited to talk about the dynamic changes and substantial growth in the Natural Health Products (NHP) market.


Our world has shifted. And with it, so have our choices. More than ever before, there are an increasing number of people leaning towards a healthier lifestyle. We now have a greater understanding of how organic groceries, supplements & natural beauty products play in our daily health.


Even amidst high inflation, with 79% of Canadian shoppers becoming price conscious, we've observed a significant surge in NHP consumers. This contradictory trend is driven by heightened relevance of personal health in a post-pandemic era. Consumers now understand the intrinsic connection between health and lifestyle, leading to their wellbeing becoming their number one priority -- even over cost considerations.


At Healthy Planet, our commitment extends beyond merely catering to this growing demand. As a leading grocer for organic health foods, supplements, sports nutrition, and natural beauty care products, we aim to strike a balance between affordability and quality. Our goal is to help our customers manage the costs of their grocery shopping, without compromising on their health.


Our marketing strategy for NHPs is steeped in our core values of community support, fair trade sourcing, and sustainability. We firmly believe that the health of our planet is just as vital as our individual well-being. This philosophy guides our product selection, as we lean towards brands that adhere to 'Fair Trade' sourcing and production policies. When our customers select Fairtrade products, they are empowering transformation with their decisions. The Fairtrade methodology offers farmers and workers increased agency in their lives, providing them the autonomy to invest in their future.


We're proud of our close-knit communities, with farmers who help to bring us the highest-quality, locally-sourced organic produce, meats, delis & dairy. Our marketing initiatives aim to raise awareness about these committed individuals, providing a platform to share their inspiring stories.


By favouring 'Fair Trade' brands and supporting our local organic farmers, we not only foster a sense of social responsibility but also reduce our carbon footprint, thus delivering added value to our customers. In doing so, we are actively working towards a future where the health of the individual and the planet are considered in equal measure.


Our mission at Healthy Planet is to provide the best natural health products to our consumers, guided by our unwavering dedication to affordability, community support, and environmental sustainability. We believe that nurturing this balance will effectively fuel the growth (and expansion) of the NHP market in a post-pandemic world. We want a healthier planet for all.


- Ashish Khera, Head of Marketing