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What Makes Salus Stand Apart

Founded by the medical doctor Otto Greither in 1916, Salus is based in Munich. For over a century, it has continued to uphold the importance of health and well-being as its pillars of production and formulation. 

Salus is known for selecting the best healing herbs and ingredients according to their efficacy and compatibility. Salus upholds the truest value of nutrition, and therefore always completely avoids preservatives and artificial flavors. Salus’ iron and multivitamins also do not use any agricultural raw material that has been genetically modified (GMOs). Salus has hundreds of products under various categories, including herbal teas, medicinal herb teas, digestive bitters, tonics, liquid omega-3s, drops, capsules, and liquid multivitamins. All the products are tested according to stringent standards for purity and potency.  

Browse Through Salus Iron & Multivitamins at Healthy Planet Canada

If you’re looking for Salus products, Healthy Planet Canada is your best bet! 

Check out Salus iron, multivitamins, kids’ “Kindervital,” and more - only at Healthy Planet Canada. The brand believes in processing herbs and plants through organic farming for whole food-derived nutrition. 

With a rich legacy of over 100 years, Salus has been tirelessly working towards ensuring high-quality products whose foundation lies in a holistic view of the world. By endorsing these products, you would be supporting organic cultivation, biodiversity, sustainability, and social responsibility.