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Omega Alpha Products for a Holistic Health Boost

Founded by Dr. Gordon Chang in 1992, Omega Alpha is a Canadian brand offering premium-quality natural health supplements. The ingredients are sourced from trusted suppliers, guaranteeing impeccable quality and purity. The inception of the brand stemmed from Dr. Chang’s realization that there was a lack of rigorous standards and research supporting natural health products. 

Omega Alpha Lung Flush & More at Healthy Planet Canada

Omega Alpha Lung Flush has been specially formulated to increase blood flow in the lung capillaries, stimulate macrophages, and act as an expectorant. If you’re suffering from a cold, Lung Flush can help reduce phlegm and suppress coughing. 

Omega Alpha Resprit can relieve allergy symptoms. Omega Alpha Magnesium Bisglycinate is a high-quality magnesium that can play a key role in the development and maintenance of bones and teeth. Healthy Planet Canada offers these and much more, so look no further than Healthy Planet Canada for authentic and pure products.