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NOW Supplements

NOW has more than 1,400 supplements in their product range, including everything from antioxidants to amino acids, nutritional oils to sports nutrition, and every vitamin in-between. Better Stevia, a natural sweetener created with pure stevia leaf extract, is one of the most popular NOW products. NOW utilizes a full-spectrum whole-leaf stevia extraction, which preserves the phytonutrients found naturally in the plant. NOW is one of the front-runners in providing the widest possible range of quality nutritional supplements for decades. 

Clean Ingredients

The top priority at NOW is to offer products that are as natural as possible. This means that they are free of adulterants, minimally processed, and thoroughly tested for any sort of contaminants. NOW consistently uses clean, non-GMO, and organic ingredients. The brand also vets all ingredient sources and conducts independent and third-party inspections to ensure raw materials match the high standards set by the company themselves.

Comprehensive Testing

NOW stands apart because the brand examines everything from raw ingredients at the initial stage of production, to the final finished product. The in-house laboratories, instruments, and updated technology allow them to analyze faster, be more adaptable, and provide consumers with safer products. Testing and scientific analysis are essential when it comes to ensuring quality, safety, and potency.