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NFH Supplements

NFH supplements incorporate superior quality formulations. Meant to be used (and recommended) by licensed health care practitioners, NFH supplements are made with scientific precision and purity in mind. The brand is dedicated to integrating evidence-based natural product science into clinical practice for effective therapeutics. 

Wide Range of Products for Every Health Concern

NFH Prenatal SAP provides substantial benefit to expecting mothers, with a variety of supplemental nutrients and essential minerals in therapeutic doses. To prevent and correct vitamin and mineral deficiencies, as well as achieve benefits beyond those seen in typical dietary intake levels – for both mother and baby, NFH Prenatal SAP is a top quality prenatal supplement. 

NFH Probiotic SAP can help reduce lactose intolerance symptoms, improve digestion, promote healthy intestinal flora, and stimulate intestinal immunity. 

NFH Multi SAP replenishes the dearth of nutrition that is caused by processed, denatured, or overfarmed foods.

NFH Iron SAP is not only more clinically effective than other forms of iron, it is more easily absorbed and does not cause digestive discomfort.

Other products, like NFH Magnesium SAP and NFH B Complex, offer a variety of health benefits such as improved cardiovascular health and nervous system function, energy production, nutrient metabolism, and mood stabilization.

NFH Standard of Quality 

NFH formulations are designed to maximize efficacy while ensuring patient safety. NFH products are made with the highest-quality assurance standards and good manufacturing practices (GMP).

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