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Metagenics Probiotics

The quality of supplements is vital to both how effective they are and how they are tolerated by the person using them. Nutritional and herbal supplements, vitamins and minerals: all provide significant health benefits when they come from a superior quality manufacturer like Metagenics

Metagenics forms long-term partnerships with practitioners and health care professionals to help formulate supplements geared towards specific health and wellness goals and deliver effective nutritional solutions. Formulations like Candibactin are specifically researched and geared towards one health goal – treating a yeast infection (candida), for example with targeted herbal extracts.  

To maintain a healthy gut microbiome and provide relief to a variety of digestive issues, Metagenics probiotic products contain a wide range of different formulations offering potent, beneficial bacterial strains. These strains have been clinically researched to ensure they populate the gut, have demonstrated efficacy, and address discomfort and irritation. 

Labeling – Clean and Transparent

All Metagenics supplements are made with clean ingredients and transparent labels as part of their dedication to superior quality – this is what makes them a truly professional brand that naturopathic doctors and nutritionists alike depend upon for their clinics. 

The brand’s clear and precisely labeled nutritional products fulfill a range of customer needs. Further to their stringent quality control, all individual Metagenics products can be traced on their website by lot number or product number, informing the customer of all the specific purity, potency, and safety tests done on the product (and the results of those same tests). Transparency is of the utmost importance to Metagenics.