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Liva was founded by Lubaina Rakla, who believes in nurturing the body and mind through eating well. Her journey began during pregnancy when she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, prompting a significant change in her diet and perspective on food. Discovering date sugar allowed her to enjoy sweetness without compromising her health, inspiring her to share this with others through Liva.

Healing with Natural Sweetness

Liva is built on the principle of healing with food. The brand focuses on using whole, natural, and minimally processed ingredients. Liva Organic Raw Date Sugar, made from whole-fruit dates that are sun-dried and finely ground, provides a delicious sweet flavor without the concerns associated with sugars and artificial sweeteners. You can replace other sweeteners with Liva's versatile date powder, which can be used in beverages, baking, or whenever you desire a touch of natural sweetness.

Sweeten Your Life at Healthy Planet Canada

Ready to make a positive change? Try Liva's products and experience the benefits of natural sweetness. Their date sugar and syrup are perfect for those looking to maintain a wholesome diet without sacrificing flavor. Take the first step towards a healthier, sweeter life with Liva at Healthy Planet Canada.