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Kato Matcha

David and Sarah, lovers of tea and adventure, travel the world in search of premium loose-leaf teas. They met in 2008 at a ski resort in British Columbia, and their shared passion for tea led them to spend nearly five years in Taiwan, studying Mandarin and discovering hand-crafted artisan teas. They returned to Canada with a dream to share their love of tea and adventure. Their journey has taken them to plantations across Asia, and now they aim to bring the best teas to North America.

Bridging Cultures Through Tea

David and Sarah believe the North American tea industry is evolving like the specialty coffee and wine industries. Their Kato Matcha Organic Matcha Tea Ceremonial Spring Harvest is sourced directly from the Katō Family in Uji, Kyoto, offering a perfectly smooth ceremonial-grade organic tea from the finest growing region in Japan. By appreciating the unique ways different cultures enjoy tea, they bring a global perspective to their offerings.

Indulge the World Through Tea at Healthy Planet Canada

Discover the exceptional flavors and stories behind each cup of tea with David and Sarah’s curated selections. Join them on their journey and elevate your tea experience by exploring their premium loose-leaf teas. Visit their website to shop their collection and embark on your own tea adventure today.