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Jamieson Vitamin

Jamieson’s diverse product line of vitamins, supplements, and minerals can help aid you in the maintenance of a robust immune system. They can also help address a wide variety of underlying health issues, or just simply ensure you stay in peak physical shape. 

Jamieson Probiotics

Canada has one of the highest incidences of IBS globally, with an estimate that more than 5 million Canadians suffer from it – up to 1 in 5. Furthermore, around 30% of individuals are at risk of developing IBS later in life. Specifically designed to address a wide range of IBS symptoms: including gas and bloating, Jamieson Digestive Care Daily Probiotic, along with Jamieson’s entire probiotic line has shown beneficial results in clinical testing and trials. 

Jamieson Multivitamins

Vitamin C and Vitamin D are offered in a wide, suitable range of options by Jamieson – to meet 100 percent of your body's daily vitamin needs, regardless of age. Jamieson also offers multivitamins tailored to men, women, and children – so you get optimal nutrition more specifically geared toward your individual needs. 

Jamieson Prenatal

Pregnant women have multivitamin and mineral options with Jamieson as well – that are tested for the utmost purity and potency, while ensuring they are free of ingredients or nutritional supplements that are cautioned against during pregnancy. Jamieson Prenatal Complete Multivitamin is designed to supply essential vitamins for the mother’s health and wellness during the intense physical and emotional demands of pregnancy – and ensure proper development.

Jamieson Products are True ID certified

Jamieson is the most trusted vitamin brand in Canada—and for a good reason. In a fast-increasing sector, Jamieson has distinguished themselves by offering consumers the purest, safest, and most effective natural health products.

Jamieson focuses on providing customers and consumers with high-quality supplements that are free of impurities through rigorous TRU-ID certification. With the help of updated technology, and a wide database of herbal ingredients, TRU-ID confirms the legitimacy (and origin) of Jamieson products – raising the standard for all supplements.