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Adopt Sustainable Living With If You Care

If You Care is more of a belief and a way of conscious living than a brand. They are on a mission to turn commonplace, everyday household items into more eco-friendly products because they believe that even simple decisions can have a huge environmental impact.

Their journey started in 1990 with ethically sourced materials, ensuring that their goods have the smallest possible environmental impact. Every product, from If You Care Parchment Paper to If You Care Baking Cups, is manufactured with the environment in mind — first and foremost. Their dedication to sustainability permeates all aspects of their products and lies at the core of If You Care.

Make a Difference With Healthy Planet Canada

If You Care’s dedication to sustainability is reflected in its packaging, too. Their minimalistic, eco-friendly packaging reduces waste and embodies the ethos of a cleaner, greener future. If You Care is dedicated to ethical practices, ensuring fair wages and safe working conditions for all involved in the supply chain. Join Healthy Planet Canada to redefine your daily choices for a better future, and happier planet.