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Humble Brands

Humble Brands began in a humble kitchen, where founder Jeff embarked on a mission to create an aluminum-free deodorant. After much experimentation, the best-selling Original Formula was born. From these modest beginnings, the Humble team has grown to over 40 individuals, all based in the picturesque high desert of Taos, New Mexico.

Consciously Crafted Deodorants

Humble Brands Deodorant Stick Aluminum Free Moroccan Rose embodies the brand's commitment to quality and sustainability. Made with essential oils and botanical extracts, it offers a natural and effective alternative, free from aluminum, alcohol, parabens, dyes, and artificial fragrances. Packaged in 75% post-consumer recycled plastic, this deodorant reflects Humble's dedication to eco-friendly practices.

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Discover the difference of Humble Brands and join a community dedicated to natural, sustainable living. From their kitchen origins to their current team, Humble Brands embodies the spirit of innovation and care. Choose Humble for products that are effective, eco-friendly, and crafted with integrity.