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Founded by Leila Kairns and Francesco Mancuso, Healtea set out to revolutionize the health drink industry by focusing on natural and sustainable ingredients. Their mission is clear: to elevate wellness with premium, eco-friendly soft drinks crafted with passion and love. Each product in their line promises to empower the community, encouraging everyone to live their best lives through healthier choices.

Sipping Sustainability and Pure Ingredients

Healtea's commitment to quality, sustainability, and community sets them apart in the crowded beverage market. They use only the finest organic herbs, local maple syrup, and lemon juice, avoiding any hard-to-pronounce additives or preservatives. This dedication to purity and environmental responsibility is woven into every aspect of their operations, ensuring that every sip supports both personal health and planetary well-being. Try the Organic Sparkling Tea Nettle + Rosemary for a refreshing, delightful experience.

Experience the Natural Choice at Healthy Planet Canada

Try Healtea today and taste the difference that genuine ingredients and ethical practices can make. Each can is a step towards a healthier lifestyle and a more sustainable world, filled with just four wholesome ingredients. Join Healtea in their journey to transform the health drink industry and make a positive impact on your wellness and the environment.