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Happy Tails

Happy Tails Holistic Pet Food, rooted in the scenic landscapes of Victoria, B.C., began its journey in 1996 under the Happy Paws Trademark. The brand was inspired by a cherished pet named 'Mocha' and was created to offer pet food that focuses on the health, taste preferences, and longevity of pets. After gaining popularity in British Columbia and Alberta, Happy Tails expanded nationwide, becoming a beloved choice across Canada.

Award-Winning Nutrition for Pets

Happy Tails Holistic Pet Food offers premium options such as the Happy Tails Holistic Dog Food, which features slow-cooked, small-batch production to maximize freshness. This product is formulated with free-range New Zealand lamb and contains no wheat, gluten, or artificial additives, making it ideal for pets with dietary sensitivities. Each bag is date-stamped to guarantee freshness, providing a nutritious, satisfying meal for your pets that promotes health, vitality, and less stool due to no fillers.

Choose Health and Happiness for Your Pet at Healthy Planet Canada

Experience the difference with Happy Tails Holistic Pet Food and give your pet the gift of a healthier, happier life. Trusted by pet lovers and endorsed by health enthusiasts, Happy Tails is more than just food; it's a commitment to the well-being of your beloved pets. Join the many satisfied pet owners who have made Happy Tails their top choice and watch your pet thrive on a diet made with love and care.