Guelph Soap Company

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Guelph Soap Company

Since 1881, Guelph Soap has been a staple in Canadian households, known for its distinctive packaging featuring a quaint house. This long-standing company has built a reputation for crafting soaps that not only clean but also cater to the health of your skin. Through generations, Guelph Soap has maintained its tradition of quality and customer satisfaction, making it a beloved brand across the country.

Affordable Luxury with a Promise of Quality and Value

Guelph Soap is renowned for its high-quality, affordable soaps that cater to the skin health of the whole family. Their Eucalyptus & Mint Soap Bar combines the stress-relieving properties of eucalyptus with the uplifting scent of mint, all in a gentle formula made from vegetable-based oils. This blend ensures a soothing, rejuvenating experience with every wash, making it ideal for daily use.

Experience the Gentle Touch at Healthy Planet Canada

Feel the difference with Guelph Soap's range of products designed for the whole family. Whether you're looking for a soap that moisturizes, rejuvenates, or simply cleanses, Guelph Soap has something for everyone. Try Guelph Soap today and join the countless Canadians who trust in the quality and tradition of a brand that has kept people clean and comfortable for over a century.