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Explore Flore Canadian Incense for Your Home

Founded in 1982 by a woman passionate about fragrance and entrepreneurship, Flore Incense offers a variety of incense, which serve diverse aromatic purposes such as relaxation, spiritual/religious rituals, infusing scent into your personal space, and meditation. You can take your pick from a plethora of fragrance profiles according to your scent preferences.

The incense burners, incense cones, incense sticks, etc. are direct burning – made with natural ground bamboo. All the products boast a mix of natural and synthetic fragrance oils that are formulated to burn safely as incense. They’re handmade on the Danforth in Toronto, Canada.

Enjoy the Fragrance of Flore Incense Sticks

One of its most popular products, the Flore Incense Sticks Cedar, promises the woody aroma of smoky cedar trails that is sure to calm your senses and heal your woes. Bring this home without any second thoughts to bask in the positive vibes, peace of mind, and tranquility, which it will infuse. 

With the highest quality products for both you and the environment at the best rates, Healthy Planet Canada is a one-stop shop for all your health and wellness needs!