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Fiber Gourmet

Tehila Mocton founded Fiber Gourmet with a singular goal, which is to offer delicious, healthy food alternatives that don't skimp on flavor. Witnessing her siblings' struggles with weight and dissatisfaction with bland health foods, Tehila imagined a world where pasta, crackers, and sweets could be both tasty and good for you. Her dedication led to the creation of a patented "carbolicious" formula, transforming her family's dream into a reality.

Revolutionizing Healthy Eating

Fiber Gourmet transforms healthy eating with a commitment to taste, health, and community support, expanding its range to include guilt-free treats like low-calorie biscotti, crackers, and flour. The Vegan Pasta Light Spaghetti is a standout, blending high-fiber resistant starch with low calories to elevate any meal to five-star status. This approach not only satisfies cravings but also supports educational charities, embodying Fiber Gourmet's dedication to nourishment and empowerment.

Experience the Taste of Innovation at Healthy Planet Canada

For those inspired by innovative, health-conscious dining, Fiber Gourmet lets you experience firsthand the flavorful, guilt-free revolution they are pioneering. Indulge in a world where low-calorie pasta and high-fiber snacks meet gourmet expectations, and partake in a movement that not only nourishes the body but also supports vital community initiatives. Discover how Fiber Gourmet is redefining what it means to enjoy 'good for you' foods without compromise.