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Have You Tried Earth Mama Baby Lotion & Other Skin Care Essentials?

Founded by Melinda Olson, Earth Mama has, at its core, the fierce and protective instinct of a mother. 

Melinda, besides being a mother and grandmother herself, was a nurse by profession and a gardener/avid herbalist by passion. What started as an inclination to study medicinal herbs soon paved the way for planting, nurturing, and harvesting a wide variety of herbs. Eventually, she started delving deeper into how the healing essence of these herbs can be delivered in the safest possible way. Over the years, Earth Mama transcended the confines of Melinda’s garage, laundry room, dining room, and kitchen, and into a full-blown facility in Clackamas, Oregon. 

Healthy Planet Canada Has a Huge Range of Earth Mama Products

One of the most authentic and trustworthy brands for pregnant women or new mothers, Earth Mama has set the benchmark when it comes to safe, naturally formulated products for baby care. 

With Healthy Planet Canada, buying Earth Mama baby lotion and other essentials is a breeze! Its line of products is targeted at effectively soothing the typical discomforts of pregnancy, and breastfeeding – along with providing high-quality products for newborns.