Clif Bar

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Experience the Rush of Energy and Fitness with the Clif Bar

When was the last time you felt like you could run a marathon and not pass out from exhaustion? Unfortunately, today’s sedentary lifestyle has drained us of our energy, deteriorating our fitness and the resilience to take up physical activities, so much so that a short walk seems like a draining task.

How good would it be if we could find snacks that power us with clean, natural energy and taste delicious at the same time? Clif Bar recognized this challenge and developed plant-based energy food as energy bars. They have bars for athletes, adults and children alike. Their Clif builder bars taste so good that you would reach for them even on your non-workout day. The best part? They are free of added sweeteners, preservatives, etc. Clif bar chocolate chip and Clif bar chocolate brownie are the two most popular flavors among kids.

Natural Energy Bars at Healthy Planet Canada

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