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Healthy and Tasty Pasta with Chickapea Pasta

Time constraints and the inner foodie in you is the eternal conflict of time vs. nutritional value when deciding what to eat. Founded in 2015, Shelby Taylor created Chickapea to provide nutritious yet simplistic meal options to people who want to eat healthily but are dealing with certain allergies or health issues – related mainly to gluten intolerance. 

Chickapea nutrition comes in the form of pasta – penne, shells, organic spaghetti and organic linguine pasta, all made from very nutritious chickpeas and lentils. Quick-cooking and high in protein, Chickapea is the perfect dinner or lunch option for those strapped on time. 

One serving of Chickapea organic pasta provides almost 23g of plant-based protein, which equals protein from a 3 oz serving of chicken or fish.

High Protein Pasta at Healthy Planet Canada

If you are looking for tasty yet nutritious meals that you can serve to your loved ones and that are easy to prepare, your search ends now! Shop Chickapea pasta nutrition at Healthy Planet Canada for exciting discounts.

Why choose Chickapea pasta? Give us a good reason to refuse a tasty, easy-to-prepare and nutritious pasta dish that’s just a few clicks away.