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Get the Best Omega-3 Benefits with AquaOmega

Among the best Omega-3 supplements, AquaOmega believes in the high efficacy of fish oil supplements to aid in the prevention of health issues, by treating cardiovascular and neurological issues directly. 

Made with third-party lab tested, pure and premium ingredients, they offer the market’s most concentrated and effective formulas. Their product line includes AquaOmega Fish Oil in gelatin-free softgels, including AquaOmega High EPA and AquaOmega High DHA. 

The High EPA softgels contain up to a 5x more concentrated EPA dose than other brands, as this essential fatty acid is best known to reduce chronic inflammation and joint pain. The High-DHA softgels, on the other hand, are some of the best quality omega-3 supplements with a high concentration in the market. Derived from algae oil, AquaOmega also offers a vegan omega-3 supplement, which provides the same benefits as fish oil and is a perfect vegan alternative. They’re easily digestible and fishy-aftertaste free.  

In addition to the softgels, AquaOmega supplements offer AquaOmega Kids Omegas that feature fruit-flavored Omega-3 High DHA and EPA gummies and AquaOmega chewable softgels in various flavors. 

Explore the AquaOmega Product Line at Healthy Planet Canada

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