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Choose A Healthier Lifestyle with Amoda Tea

Amoda is a leading brand of wellness teas that uplift your body, mind, and mood. These teas are devoid of any sweeteners or artificial flavors, and are developed with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners. Check out these small-batch, all-natural teas at Healthy Planet Canada. 

The brand was envisioned by founders who craved a traditional-tasting matcha, which was not mass-produced. The founders traveled to Uri, Japan, where matcha originated, in an attempt to get to know their producer and to source directly. 

Healthy Planet Canada for High-Quality Amoda Matcha

If you’re looking for the purest Japanese matcha brimming with goodness, Healthy Planet Canada is the destination. We boast a wide collection of direct-source, organic and authentic Japanese green teas and matcha powders. 

Besides ensuring proper organic sourcing, the brand is also extremely particular about using the highest quality tea leaves. With Amoda tea, you can relish tea in its purest form, and thus reap the complete benefits of what you’re drinking. 

Healthy Planet Canada commits to providing the best prices to make high-quality health and wellness products readily available and affordable for everyone across the country.

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