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Do Pets Need Supplements?

It may be surprising to learn that pet food and animal feed are not regulated the same way human food is. This can leave pet owners (justifiably) worried about the quality of the ingredients in the products they buy. 

Pet foods are available in many different forms—dried kibble, canned food, ‘raw’ products, and in the form of bone meal. They can also simply just be a mix of ingredients that is ready to serve immediately wet or dry. 

Many pets may not be meeting their nutritional needs or demands through pet food alone, especially if they’re relying upon conventional grocery store brands. As pets age, they may need the assistance of supplements for joint pain, mobility issues, vision issues, or coat and fur issues. 

Are Pet Supplements Safe?

It is essential to choose the best supplements for your pet, with their optimal well-being in mind. Some supplements that are safe for humans may not be safe for pets, especially if they contain high levels of particular additives, preservatives, or ingredients toxic to dogs and cats. 

The dosing on human supplements can be harmful to your pets, if you don't carefully follow the instructions for dosing correctly. It's not just about what's in them; it's about how much is too much for your pet – this is why it is important to choose supplements formulated specifically for pets, or confirm safety with a veterinarian prior to use.