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Use Natural Toothpaste for Optimal Dental Health

If you thought natural toothpaste is simply not as effective as conventional toothpaste, you would be mistaken. On the contrary, “organic” or “natural” toothpaste, formulated with natural ingredients, is equipped with anti-tartar and stain-resistant properties from natural botanical extracts that are far better for your teeth than the chemically derived/formulated ingredients in conventional toothpaste.

Healthy Planet Canada is committed to bringing to you the best healthy toothpaste that is free from artificial dyes, flavoring, or surfactants. These brands clean your teeth gently while also fighting against bacteria, plaque build-up, tartar, and gingivitis. The natural kinds of toothpaste in our collection are enriched with plant extracts, natural minerals (calcium carbonate), and naturally antibacterial essential oils

Buying Organic and Natural Toothpaste is a Few Clicks Away

If you want to have clean teeth and fresh breath naturally, organic and natural toothpaste are simply the safest and most sensible option. 

Their antibacterial properties eliminate the bacteria that are responsible for bad breath while being safe for you and your health. 

If you suffer from oral sensitivity (hot and cold sensitivity or weak enamel), browse through the best kinds of toothpaste, formulated specifically for sensitive teeth. It is also interesting to note that these natural kinds of toothpaste from some of the most reputed brands in Canada are among the most eco-friendly kinds of toothpaste, thus contributing to better oral health as well as environmental sustainability.