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Vitamin A for Growth

Vitamin A is needed for cell development, and that includes hair growth. Lack of this essential vitamin can lead to hair loss, thinning hair, and a brittle appearance. Not only is Vitamin A essential to healthy hair, but has important roles in hormonal function, immunity, and normal bodily processes. 

Vitamin A can be derived from foods high in ‘beta-carotene,’ which is converted into vitamin A in the body. Many plant foods such as sweet potatoes, squash, and peppers contain Vitamin A in the form of ‘carotenoids,’ which are then converted to Vitamin A.

Vitamin A can also be derived from fish oil in supplemental form and is a fat-soluble vitamin. ‘Preformed’ Vitamin A is commonly found in fatty fish and dairy. For those taking a supplement, it is important to take one that is in a soft gel form or consume it prior to a meal containing healthy fats. 

Does Biotin Really Work for Hair Loss Prevention?

Biotin is an essential nutrient that is required for proper hair growth. It is often used as a ‘cure’ for hair loss because it stimulates keratin production from the scalp and can increase the rate of follicle growth. While nothing is a ‘cure-all,’ biotin can help ensure proper hair growth precursors for those with thinning hair or hair loss.