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ExploreHigh-Quality and Organic Pasta Sauce

Who isn’t a fan of pasta? It wouldn't be an overstatement to say it is one of the biggest staple meals in North America. The taste, aroma, and comforting carbs have made pasta a favorite worldwide, be it in any form. 

However, one can hardly deny that what makes or breaks a good pasta is its sauce! Sauce lends flavor, texture, and creaminess to the dish, making the pasta more than just a boring carb. With the increasing shift towards sustainable and organic choices, more and more consumers are opting for plant-based pasta sauce or organic pasta sauce

Bored With the Same Ol’ Sauce? Healthy Planet Canada is Here to Spice It Up

In the mood for trying something new? Try porcini mushroom sauce that promises the earthy flavor of dried porcini mushrooms. Healthy Planet Canada strives to bring to you the best selection of pasta sauce and noodles — be it organic or gluten-free. Check out Gogo Quinoa spaghetti and more such varieties. Thanks to our countless readymade sauces, you can have your meal ready in a flash.