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Wild Pink Salmon — That’s BPA-Free and Low in Mercury

A rising trend amongst foodies, tinned seafood is widely preferred due to its long shelf life. It’s not only convenient but also highly affordable. Thanks to its growing popularity, several brands are providing canned seafood in BPA cans with wild-caught fish. Most canned fish, including wild pink salmon, is a rich source of lean protein and omega-3 fatty acids. In fact, if you’re keen to boost the nutritional density of your meals, albacore wild tuna is a great option. 

If You’re a Seafood Fan, Healthy Planet Can Help You Meal Prep in Minutes

At Healthy Planet Canada, we offer a carefully curated selection of canned fish, including wild Pacific sardines, known for their meaty flavor and high protein content. You need not wait for your cheat days to indulge in seafood, as they are low on calories and high in protein.

Wild sockeye salmon is also a popular option and one of the healthiest protein sources you can eat, providing high Vitamin A and Vitamin D3 content. Look no further than Healthy Planet Canada to satiate your seafood cravings.