Brown Rice

Brown Rice
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The Perfect Whole Grain

Rice is one of the most globally loved grains, and has many variants. While white rice is quickly absorbed into the blood and not ideal for those with diabetes, brown rice by contrast is a much slower digesting starch, with plenty of fiber from the bran. 

This whole grain makes a great nutritious choice as the basis for your meals – all you need next is some veggies and a healthy protein. Healthy Planet Canada, your trusted health partner, has curated the best brands in the world of rice. The variety available at Healthy Planet can suit a wide spectrum of preferences, including long-grain to short-grain and organic to conventional.

Nutritious Meals Start with Healthy Planet Canada

Healthy Planet Canada sources brown rice from reputable brown rice brands committed to quality and sustainability, allowing you to embrace the nutritional benefits of the whole grain. Our brown rice varieties showcase various options from jasmine to basmati, catering to different cooking styles and dietary needs. Discover the best brown rice at Healthy Planet Canada.