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High-Quality Gluten Free Products for Health Enthusiasts

Over the last few years, there has been an increased awareness of the importance of the availability of gluten-free food items. Individuals with health conditions such as gluten sensitivity or celiac disease need to avoid gluten containing grains — and those that might be contaminated like oats

A type of protein found in several cereals and grains, gluten has been shown to impact digestive health in sensitive populations, regardless of whether someone has celiac disease or not. Do you love pasta but don’t want to consume gluten in any form? Check out our brands of gluten-free pasta like Jovial or Gogo Quinoa, using flour made from gluten free grains, tubers, and seeds.

Bob's Red Mill Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal Cup is Fast & Easy

Looking for a ready-made, pop-in microwave healthy breakfast item that’s also gluten-free? Healthy Planet Canada has you covered. It’s not only a great pick for people with food sensitivities, but also promises a classic maple brown sugar oatmeal that you know and love from conventional grocery store brands.