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Emani Double Lash Mascara + Lash Serum 7mL

Cruelty Free
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Double Lash Mascara + Lash Serum

  • Vegan
  • Cruelty Free

This new volumizing vegan mascara + Lash grow serum is a game changer. A  2 in 1 vegan organic mascara with lash grow serum for thicker looking lashes in 28 days! This revolutionary mascara formula is ultra-thick by design to dramatically lift your lashes while delivering intense volume & curve & promote growth.

Organic mung bean coats the lashes with amino acids, proteins, and minerals, while organic red clover sprout renews + re-balances the follicle cycle with a boost of antioxidants. A gentle & non irritating formula its suitable for sensitive eyes. Made with only natural ingredients, free of carcinogens, parabens, hormones and other harmful chemicals.

With the use of this vegan, cruelty-free mascara + lash grow serum formula, makeup can actually be a tool for cultivating your natural, bare-faced beauty. With every application, this mascara + growth serum coats your lashes with the nourishing power of organic red clover and organic mung bean. These botanical extracts offer up a powerhouse of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, which promote lash growth by conditioning the lashes while gently stimulating & renewing the delicate follicles. True to our belief in clean beauty that works, this mascara magnifies & intensifies the look of lashes with a buildable formula that’s free of carcinogens, parabens, hormones and other harmful chemicals.


Enhances look of lashes by separating, lengthening + thickening

Curved wand allows clump-free application

Rejuvenates + stimulates new lash growth

Preserves + protects the lashes

Restores eyelash follicle cycle

Suitable for sensitive skin

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How To Apply

Apply a coat of mascara + lash growth serum to your lashes with gentle steady strokes. Brush out the ultra thick formula for full lash coverage. For best results in attaining lash growth & fullness, apply the Double Lash Mascara daily. Please note...there is a generous amount of product in this tube, wipe the excess off the wand before applying if you feel it's too much.

How to apply Mascara in general:

Slowly remove the wand from the tube. Please do not pump the wand in & out of the tube it'll dry out your mascara. Mascara's always have more product on them to start, however as you use the mascara, the product will lessen therefore the product on the wand will also lessen over time. It's not a bad thing to have too much product in your mascara tube just dab the excess off onto the back of your hand & rinse your hand later. Don't use a tissue as little fibres will go onto your wand & therefore onto your lashes.

Start applying by first slightly lowering your lashes. Put the wand at the very base of your top lashes from underneath then slowly zig zag, twist or curl the brush up & through your lashes. Do this in all sections of your upper lashes for as many coats as you like until the desired look is achieved.

Please do not just hold the wand & blink your lashes through it to apply your mascara. This goes for any mascara you use, that blinking through the brush will clump your lashes together & you'll most likely get splashes of mascara on your lids & under your eyes. There are many more excellent short videos online if you want to see the correct way to apply mascara, they're worth a little search & watch!