How to buy CytoMatrix or Restorative Formulation Products:

To Buy CytoMatric or Restorative Formulation Please follow the following steps:

Step 1: Please Create an account / Login If you are already a member then go to step two.

Step 2: After creating an account please contact us via chat, e-mail or by calling  at: 1-888-974-4722 (Mon-Fri 10:00 AM - 6:00PM EST & Sunday 10:00 AM - 4:00PM EST) in order to buy CytoMatrix or Restorative Formulation Products.

Step 3: Once you contact us, our customer service department will give you the access to buy CytoMatric or Restorative Formulation products after verifying your prescription, if you are already logged in please refresh the page, or log out and log in back again, then continue shopping by brand and/or search for the desired item, now the add to the cart option should be available.


Why Some of the items are locked to purchase or does not allow me to add to the cart? How can I order them?

CytoMatric and Restorative Formulation prefers that their products are only to be consumed and to be available to those clients who have a healthcare practitioner advice. Following the brand policy and based on our terms of use, Healthy Planet make these products available to you if you are our client or when confirm that you are buying certain items as per a healthcare practitioner advice. Please be sure that we do not contact your practitioner and will not share your information.

You cannot refund or exchange CytoMatrix and Restorative Formulation products.