Will Humidity Damage My Probiotics?

By Genuine Health


Thousands of years ago, it was written on the side of a cave, that “humidity is the kiss of death for the probiotic.”

Actually it wasn’t. But it might as well have been. By nature of them being living organisms, probiotics are sensitive to heat and humidity and because of the way that most are treated and packaged, they can lose potency very quickly.

Bottles have become the most common way to package probiotics. If you look at the refrigerator shelves of probiotics at your local health food store, you’ll notice that virtually all available options are housed in bottles. Bottles are great for vitamins and other types of capsules, but they can be the kiss of death for containing living things – especially probiotics.

It’s not possible to encapsulate bacteria that is living and keep it living – that’s why manufacturers treat the bacteria contained in probiotics so the strains become dormant. When you swallow a probiotic capsule, the dormant bacteria get activated by the humidity in your digestive tract. Once activated in the gut, they can realize their destiny and do the good work of protecting your immunity, supporting your digestion, and providing many other benefits.

So it would make sense that each time you open your bottle of probiotics to grab one, you are exposing all of the other probiotics in the bottle to humidity, and are compromising their stability. Sure, opening a bottle of probiotics won’t activate them all at once, but a little bit of humidity each day can degrade the viability of your probiotics and make them less effective over time. Why spend your hard-earned money on a product that may not even be effective?

Genuine Health’s NEW advanced gut health probiotic has been thoughtfully designed to deliver more bacteria to your digestive tract. Instead of going with a bottle, we chose blister packs to build a Fort Knox around each capsule and ensure beyond any doubt that humidity comes nowhere near it.

But before each advanced gut health probiotic capsule is put into its own blister pack, it is treated with the utmost care to ensure that only the STRONGEST, FITTEST and most TENACIOUS bacteria are used – and are less sensitive to humid conditions in the first place:

  • Selection of the fittest living probiotics – carefully separated from non-living microbes
  • Housed in a unique, vegan, plastic-free, delayed-release capsule that releases probiotics 45 minutes later than standard capsules – so they bypass stomach acid and reach the gut where they thrive
  • Delayed-release encapsulation process delivers up to 10X more viable bacteria to your gut
  • Packaged in an environmentally-friendly blister pack
  • Shelf stable

All this means that you get stronger and more viable bacteria, encapsulated in a way that delivers MORE viable strains to your gut. A much better probiotic investment, if you ask us.

Has your probiotic been handled in such a way to ensure that only the fittest living organisms are used? Is it housed in a standard issue bottle, or did the manufacturer go above and beyond with a blister pack? Ask these questions so you choose the most potent and efficacious probiotic. Your gut (and the rest of your body) will thank you.


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