Why Manuka Honey is a Superfood?


The benefits of consuming honey have been a topic of medical and scientific research for decades. However, the discovery of Manuka honey has further extended the scope of study owing to its several benefits in the human body. While this honey is used to treat several diseases and enhance the body’s immunity, it is also used for curing wounds. Thus, Manuka honey serves to be an all-encompassing natural food that helps individuals in several ways. Therefore it is often called a ‘superfood’. Here are some of the features and benefits of Manuka honey that prove it is a wonder drug.

Health benefits

While all kinds of honey contain anti-microbial properties, Manuka honey contains natural chemicals beneficial for the body. Manuka honey helps in curing several ailments like diabetes, cholesterol, and allergies. Manuka honey is known to boost the body’s immune system and enhance the performance of white blood cells in protecting the body from several diseases. Unlike other varieties of honey that might not be recommended for diabetes patients, Manuka honey is beneficial. It helps in regulating various systems of the body.

People also prefer Manuka honey because of its detox properties. Thus, this honey helps in maintaining the glow of your skin and prevents split ends. Overall, Manuka honey ensures a healthy life by enhancing the performance of several body parameters.

Wound care

Manuka Honey has high anti-microbial properties. In addition to other varieties, this variety of honey contains hydrogen peroxide that prevents the growth of microbes in wounds. Though honey was often considered a traditional and worthless way of treating injuries, medical studies have proved it different in recent times. The high sugar content and the low pH levels of this honey helps in the growth of bacteria and protect wounds from being infected. Thus, Manuka honey is also preferred for wound dressings and faster recovery.

Manuka honey also fastens the tissue and cell-growing process in wounds. Hence, applying Manuka honey on wounds has resulted in quick healing. The anti-inflammatory properties of this honey have also provided considerable relief to the patients as it helped reduce the pain and inflammation caused due to wounds.

Anti-bacterial properties

An in-depth study of Manuka honey reveals its ability to fight bacteria like streptococcus and staphylococcus. Certain microbes are resistant to antibiotics and other drugs and are called superbugs. These pathogens can be prevented or killed using Manuka honey owing to its high anti-bacterial properties. What’s more? It is surprising but confirmed that the superbugs that resist several antibiotic drugs have no resistance against Manuka honey. Thus, this variety of honey can tackle the deadliest microbes.

Protects the digestive system

Manuka honey is known to strengthen the walls of the intestine and prevent several digestive problems. It treats diseases like gastroenteritis, indigestion, and others with excellent efficiency. Patients prefer shifting to this natural treatment mode rather than depending on artificial medicines because of the minimum side effects of Manuka honey. While, on the one hand, certain drugs might cure diseases but have several other side effects, there are no such chances in consuming Manuka honey. Thus, it has been proven to be one of the most efficient and natural ways of treating several diseases.


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