3 Ingredients to Make the Best Protein Shakes

We’ve all gotten stuck in a smoothie rut before, whether we’re creatures of habit or just don’t really feel like being creative. We make our post-workout smoothie and realize that we’ve been drinking this same concoction for the last two weeks straight.

Sure it tastes good, but you’re starting to really despise these ingredients and even the smell of them is making you feel unmotivated about your once fabulous smoothie.  You stick to it, because it has everything you need: protein, some healthy fats and maybe some extra goodies like antioxidants or greens.  It’s now time to step out of that rut and make yourself the best protein shakes of your life. Protein shakes with purpose!

Click on the highlighted ingredients for inspirational recipe ideas to destroy your smoothie rut.

Plant-based protein inspirations

Ever wondered which plant-based foods make excellent sources of protein and taste great in a smoothie?  Here are a few of my favorites:

Healthy fats

Now that you have some great ideas for some plant-based protein smoothie ingredient ideas, it’s time to look at adding in essential fatty acids. These are an important addition to our diet, since our bodies cannot produce them.  Here are some great healthy fat options to add to your smoothie:

Extra nutrition booster

These next few ingredients pack quite a nutritional punch and make a great addition to your smoothies, not only for flavor but for the great nutritional benefits they offer.

  • Berries (antioxidant support)
  • Turmeric (inflammation support)
  • Cayenne (circulation)
  • Lemon (alkaline-forming)
  • Ginger (digestive support)