"Aged" Macadamia Nut Cheese

Who doesn’t love a Vegan Cheese Board? Perfect for any gathering of family or friends living life healthy, the vegan cheese board is the go to spread when entertaining vegetarian, vegan and food loving friends alike! The best part of the vegan cheese board? Accoutrements!You can’t have a proper spread without crackers, nuts, jams or honey! 

Our favourite part of creating a Vegan Cheese Board? Mixing and matching! With so many recipes available for a variety of vegan cheeses as well as vegan cheese available at your local Healthy Planet, you can lay out a display worthy of any true cheese connaisseurs respect. Check out one of our very own recipes that combine two of our favourites, Cashews and Macadamia Nuts. Follow our steps and in no time you will be creating your very own vegan cheese!



1 ¾ raw cashews

1 cup raw macadamia nuts

1 ½ cups of water

2 tablespoons pink salt

½ teaspoon probiotic



Separating the 2 nuts, cover and soak them overnight. This will activate the nuts while also softening them allowing for a smoother blend.  The following day, drain and rinse both nuts transfering to a blender. Add your water, salt and blend until you reach a smooth texture. After reaching the desired texture, transfer the cheese into a 1-quart glass jar and add the probiotic. Stir until it is stirred in completely. 

Dehydrate for 24 hours at 85F - 90F. After 24 hours check for desired texture. You should have a “rind” or a tougher outer skin, much like the skin of a Brie, the inside will be creamy and delicious! This “rind” will give you a very similar feel to a dairy cheese without the dairy! 

Add your cheese into molds for shape and freeze for 1 to 2 hours. This process will allow the cheese to set into the shape you desired for display. Remove the cheese from the molds directly onto the dehydrator sheets dehydrating  at 118F for 12 hours. Turn your cheese over and continue the dehydrating process for an additional 24 hours. 

Gather your friends and family to spread some love….and vegan cheese! #livelifehealthy