Top 10 Tips for Staying Motivated to Work Out

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a gym beginner, staying motivated to work out can be a challenge.  Let’s overcome this challenge together!

Below are 10 tips that I’ve learned through my own experiences as a Personal Trainer for staying motivated.  I have worked with all types of people, personalities, and ages! I even pride myself on exercising my cat, Mitzi!  Believe me, she wasn’t the most motivated to workout. I hope these tips are helpful and keep you on a path to overwhelming wellness in your life.

  1. Try something new! Ever taken a yoga class? Pilates? Cycle? Barre? Zumba? Kickboxing?  There’s an abundance of classes available to let you experience something new.
  2. Find hobbies that keep your body moving.  That way, you’re enjoying your workouts!  Some of these include (but of course, are not limited to) hiking, paddle boarding, surfing, running, swimming, and cycling.
  3. Keep an exercise calendar. Set up a calendar and keep track of your workouts. It will help you stay consistent and you can plan ahead a week in advance.
  4. Keep a workout journal. Be proud of your workout accomplishments!  If you’re a weight lifter, track your sets/reps and muscle groups trained.  If you go for a 30-minute run, write it down!
  5. Find a workout buddy.  Whether it’s for spotting you on a bench press, or having a jogging buddy, finding people who are as motivated as you are will be a great way to keep on track.
  6. Plan your meals. Focusing on exercising is only part of the battleMaking sure your food choices are as thoughtful as your exercises will keep you fast tracking to success.
  7. Be kind to yourself.  Be your own #1 supporter.  No one is perfect; there will be days when you have planned a workout and didn’t get to it.  When those days happen, be kind to yourself…tell yourself it is ok and you will try again.
  8. Get enough sleep.  If you’re moving your body more, your body needs rest!
  9. Stretching, Foam Rolling.  In my personal experience, stretching and foam rolling after working out feels great.  I may be at home while watching a TV show, and stretching out my glutes, hips, calves…and foam rolling my IT band.   Multitasking is great!
  10. Get Excited.  The fact that you read all the way to the bottom of this blog posts tells me that you are already on the right track. Good luck and have fun!

Have a fitness tip? Share it in the comments.

Kara Hamada