The surprising benefits of probiotics

At this very moment, trillions of microscopic bacteria are clinging to the walls of your digestive tract. Their presence is so vital that when their well-balanced populations are disrupted by illness, antibiotics, stress, or poor food choices, health problems can arise.

Thankfully, humans have been using probiotics for thousands of years to replenish and maintain gut microflora. Although probiotics work in the digestive tract, their health benefits extend far beyond good digestion. These five probiotic benefits may take you by surprise:

  1. Immune boost: Probiotics communicate with immune system cells to boost antibody production
  2. Heart health: Probiotics may contribute to heart health by lowering LDL cholesterol
  3. Increased nutrition: Probiotics enhance the absorption of key vitamins and minerals—especially when combined with prebiotics
  4. Reduced eczema: Probiotics reduce symptoms of atopic eczema in infants when taken directly or by a nursing mother
  5. Better breath: The probiotic strain L. rhamnosus protects the mouth against bad breath-causing bacteria and yeast

A regular intake of probiotics is a natural way of keeping gut microflora balanced and reaping the surprising benefits that come with it.

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