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Bid Adieu To Stress and Sleeping Troubles with Aromatherapy!

In the age of “over-working” and “social media”, issues like stress, sleeping troubles, and headache are quite common. Often, we end up either taking sleeping pills or painkillers subscribed by our doctors or joining the early morning meditation class (which rarely helps because let’s admit a majority of us are too lazy to wake up early in the morning!). In that case, what’s the best alternative? AROMATHERAPY!   We’re sure you would be surprised but believe it or not, aromatherapy promotes, balances, and harmonizes the health of spirit, body, and mind. It’s one of the best therapy that offers a major relief in the aforementioned issues. Certainly, you’re curious to know HOW? Well, in the first place, essential oils used in the aromatherapies include ‘synergy’ – a combination of numerous essential oils which can actually create a more powerful effect than any other options! And hey, have you ever seen someone come out depressed or less energetic from a bubble bath or deep tissue massage that includes aromatherapy? No, you haven’t, because the essential oils used in aromatherapies act as a catalyst by relaxing our bodies and minds, hence boosting our mental wellbeing. You need not go to an aromatherapist or masseuses for healing your stress, sleeping issues, and other such problems that are taking a toll on your mental wellbeing! All you need is the right set of essential oils at home and you’re all set!  Healthy Planet Canada has compiled a list of issues which you can treat with the essential oils. You can use these scented oils at your home in baths, massages, or diffusers to enhance the quality of your life by relaxing and stimulating your mental wellbeing. Stress Relief: Aromatherapy works as the best aid for stress relief. The essential oils release aromatic compounds, which when used in a massage or diffuser, helps soothe your body and mind by suppressing the feeling of stress and anxiety. As a result, they aid in balancing your mood. Best Pick: Moroccan, Orange, and Peppermint Headache Relief: Everyone has been subjected to headaches every now and then. For those individuals who have migraines, headaches can turn out to be debilitating, hence ending up ruining the day. Sure, they must follow their doctor’s instructions, however, they can also try using essential oils to get a relief as it reduces the stress levels which might be responsible for triggering the headache. Best Pick: Myrrh, Coconut, and Rose Sleep Aid: Lack of sleep is a major factor that triggers stress and anxiety. While those who’ve been suffering from long-time sleep disorders must consider taking some help from a reliable doctor to balance their sleeping schedules, others should consider opting for a little aromatherapy. A good head massage using essential oils will help them relax enough so they could enjoy a healthy sleep. After all, a good night’s sleep is quite important if you want up to wake up energized the following day. Best Pick: Lavender, Chamomile, Lime At the end, no matter which reason you’re choosing to start using the essential oils in your home, we believe that they are quite helpful to push your stress and sleeping troubles away. And hey, they also smell great! Healthy Planet Canada holds a great stock of essential oils for you to choose from. Which one’s your favorite? Tell us about it!