Sun safety is more than just sunscreen. Read on to keep you and your family totally protected.

  1. Apply Enough Sunscreen

Taking the time to apply your sunscreen correctly is the main factor in how well your sunscreen will protect you. While the amount of sunscreen varies from person to person, the rule of thumb is an ample, visible layer. Don’t forget to reapply sunscreen at least every two hours and after sweating, swimming, or toweling off.

  1. Be Mindful

Even after properly applying a high SPF sunscreen, and then reapplying often, it’s still possible to get too much sun. That’s because no sunscreen can block 100% of the sun’s rays, and the sun’s strength varies depending on the time of day, the time of year, and where you are. You need to know your limit and seek shade when you’ve reached it.

  1. Cover Up

Donning additional protective clothing like long sleeves and a big, floppy hat means less skin is exposed. Less exposed skin means less sunscreen is needed — and that can save you and your family big bucks, as well as keep you safe in the sun.

Sketch illustration of a Badger sleeping under a sunflower

  1. Seek or Create Shade

Especially during the peak sun hours of 10am-2pm. Seeking shade is particularly important early in the season — before your skin has acclimated to the sun or while you’re enjoying a tropical vacation. Head for the shade and check your skin periodically for signs of a burn.

If your skin is starting to turn pink, the process of burning has already begun, and no amount of sunscreen can stop it. It is crucial that you get out of the sun immediately.

We like to keep a tin of After Sun Balm in the fridge or cooler and apply it right after sun exposure. The coolness of the balm feels good and moisturizes while delivering antioxidants to sun-parched skin.