Stay Healthy This Christmas without Breaking the Bank!

With the year arriving towards an end and the season of Santa shining upon us, our goals for health and fitness may take a sidetrack. Christmas is all about devouring high-calorie desserts, lots of alcohol, and overindulging in heavy meals. 

With this being the routine, most of us might find ourselves cut short on time to spare towards exercising and staying fit. As much as fun staying lazy, chilling in warmers, and eating chicken wings and yummy desserts throughout the day sound in the month of December, we must not ignore our health!

 Stay Healthy This Christmas without Breaking the Bank!

What am I supposed to do?

Do I have to slog in the gym every day even in the holiday season?

Why can’t I enjoy the Christmas season and stay fit at the same time?

I’m already spending a lot on holiday feasts, where do I get more money to spend on staying fit from?

These are the questions you might wonder, and of course, your concerns aren’t a waste.


Frown no more!

You don’t need to stay fit this December by breaking your bank! Healthy Planet Canada, your favorite go-to store for health needs, has compiled a list of healthy options which you could choose to stay fit during the month of December without spelling a doom on your budget!


Don’t be.

Healthy Planet Canada presents top tips to stay healthy and happy during the Christmas season!

#tip 1: Add antioxidant-rich foods to your diet: Antioxidants neutralize free radicals, which otherwise end up damaging the cells in our body and accelerate the process of aging. Eat brightly colored, i.e. red, yellow, and orange, fruits, and vegetables as they are generally high in antioxidant supply. Enhance the routine diet using antioxidant supplements like lutein, vitamin C, and E, lycopene, etc. Consulting a reliable physician and going for antioxidant supplements along with a rich diet is also a great idea.

#tip 2 Befriend Vitamin B Complex: Christmas preparations and overeating can leave anyone drained of energy supply. Increased consumption of alcohol during Christmas time often end up depleting our bodies of necessary vitamins like B1, B2, and B6. Taking Vitamin B supplements (as per physician’s guidance) is a great idea at times like Christmas, too.

#tip 3 Say Yes To Coconut Water: Replace your high-calorie drinks with coconut water if you’re unable to resist alcohol this Christmas! Coconut water is low in sugar and can be easily absorbed by the body. It offers lesser calories, less sodium, and high potassium components, which are the best alternative to keep our bodies hydrated and energized while not increasing the body weight at the same time.

#tip 4 Indulge in Dark Chocolate: Replace your regular chocolate consumption with Dark Chocolate this Christmas. Dark Chocolate is higher in flavonoid content and lesser in sugar. You can buy raw cacao powder and use it in the preparations of your desserts and smoothies.

The most significant thing to remember is that don’t beat yourself up by overindulging during Christmas! Live smarter and enjoy the season by making healthier choices!

If you’re looking for more inspiring ideas to keep your body fit, why not check out our blog section?

Merry Xmas folks!

Happy Hanukkah!