Squat Your Way Towards A Healthy Weight and Toned Body

Weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight can be a tricky thing. You may try out several intense cardio workout sessions, but figuring out the right combination of exercises to get your desired weight can be extremely time-consuming and tough.

Having said that, it’s also true that time constraint, too, is one of the important factors, which often keeps people from trying workouts that produce a sure shot result. Also, the best exercises that can make you hot from head-to-toe, are often the ones, which you’re likely to end up botching.

Any Solution To This Problem?

Yes, of course!

Losing weight requires a combination of high-intensity workouts to amp the process of muscle toning and fat burning, along with a perfect serving of fat burners, energy endurance supplements, protein bars, and post-workout recovery supplements. Because let’s be honest – exercising without consuming the right amount of supplements that your body needs is nothing less than wasting your time.

BUT you won’t be wasting your time anymore!

We’ve compiled a list of simple yet highly effective squats which you can perform at home in the morning or in the evening as per the time convenient to you. These squats will not only make your body hot by toning it but will also keep your weight in check. We’ve also jotted down the necessary supplements and products you should be consuming to achieve the right result.

So what’s keeping you from working out? Start squatting your way to that sexy body you’ve always craved for.

Fat Burners, Shakes, Supplements, Energy Bars, & 5 Squats To Achieve A Healthy and Toned Figure

Back Squat


(For Short Torso)

This is one of the best forms of squats for everyone, especially for the individuals who are of average height 5’4” or so. Holding a little weight bar against shoulders evenly distributes the weight to the entire posterior chain. This, in return, avoids overstressing the lower back segment. While you’re exercising with a bar, we advise you to use gloves which would prevent sweat, hence minimizing the chances of injury due to the bar slipping from your hands. Incrediwear Circulation Gloves are a good investment for your workout needs.

Front (Or Goblet) Squat


 (For Long Torso)

When you’re doing a Goblet Squat, you’ll be leaning forward as you go down. In this squat, holding some sort of weight like a dumbbell pushes you to shift your weight towards the back, hence preventing you from falling over. This will distribute the load equally between your quads, hamstrings, and glutes.

Box Squat

Box squat

(For Short Legs)

For best results, perform this exercise by using a bench or box as it can easily offer you a deeper stance than short legs normally allow. This eliminates the fear of any muscle injury. Repetition of Box Squats results in a good amount of weight loss if done regularly. A rigorous set of squat can exhaust your muscles and body, which is why consuming electrolytes is a good idea. It prevents your body from intense exhaustion and helps you stay active during and post workout. We recommend you to use Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator, Douglas Labs Klean Electrolytes, and Nutri Biotic Essential Electrolytes. These are highly praised by the users.

 Banded Squat


 (For Knee Valgus)

Use a looped resistance band around the area of your thighs as it will encourage you to form a parallel position. This way, whenever the band will pull your knees in, the brain will cue your hip muscles to counteract the movement by working harder, hence, toning your legs into a better shape.

 Sumo Squat


 (For Tight Hips)

The foot positioning in SUMO squats emphasizes majorly on muscles. This again is a squat which is highly helpful in losing the extra weight along with toning the calves, hip flexors, glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps.

Add these 5 squats in your routine and notice the drastic transformation in the shape of your body. For more such interesting tips and tricks SUBSCRIBE TO OUR BLOGS and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google Plus.

What are you waiting for?

Go, nail that perfect set of squats that’ll give you the desired body!