So Much More Than Salads: How to Start Your Morning Routine off Right

morning routine

Ok, let’s be real here.  There are some mornings we wake up and feel less than motivated to jump out of bed and seize the day.  Or maybe you’re that night owl that wants to channel their inner early bird. If we don’t start our morning off on the right foot, it can affect our mood throughout the entire day!  So let’s show our morning routine what’s up:

Who’s The Boss?

You are!  If you wake up in a less than positive state, tell that negative energy to take a hike!  When you wake up feeling a little less chipper than usual, this is the time to turn it all around and set a positive intention for your day.  Try repeating your favorite mantra, closing your eyes and going to your happy place, or cranking up the tunes and dancing yourself into a better mood.

Work it

Exercise gets your creative juices flowing, blood pumping and energy pulsing. There have been many times, when I’ve been out on a run and thought of some pretty cool ideas for my morning meeting.  If you’re stressing out about an important deadline you have later on that day, set your alarm an extra 45 minutes early get outside and let out your tension, sometimes even a walk around the block can relieve some of that unwanted tension.

Don’t be alarmed

If you’re one of those people that dreads waking up to the sound of your alarm, and the mere thought of that sound sends shivers down your spine, this might be the tip for you.  Not all of us are early birds; many of us sleepily wake up to the sound of our alarms only to hit the snooze button to give us just a few more minutes of sleep.  If you relate to what I’m throwing out here, then you may want to consider alternative wake-up calls.  Set your alarm to a sound that motivates you and gets you psyched to start your day.  An alarm doesn’t have to be the most obnoxious annoying sound on the planet.  If you’re a big fan of the snooze button, try setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier than usual with one of your favorite jamming tunes.  This way you can give yourself that extra time to wake up, listen to a song you love and get your head in the game for what’s to come.

What inspires you to have a good day?