Keep Your Skincare Products Kit Ready for The Upcoming Season


The decline in temperature also lowers humidity level which can cause reduction in the water content of our skin  and in severe cold climate, it may get evaporated. Snowy months will make your skin dry and itchy. Hence, to overcome those skin conditions , it is recommended to use soap, lather free cleansers, and shower gels. Switch your shower gels to Avalon Organics Lavender Bath & Shower Gel,which is amongst one of the best organic skin care products available at Healthy Planet. This gel consists of essential oils that smoothens the extra dry skin and protects it from harsh winter atmospheric effects. Besides this, the store has a varied range of other skin care products like moisturizers, serums, facial creams, etc., that will keep your skin soothing and glowing.


Finally, chirpy season arrives & you get to come out from your hibernation mode. Spring is the perfect season to make your skin refreshing and essential oils can do wonders. Healthy Planet has A-Z essential oils that can give your skin an exclusive care treatment. Oils like Peppermint*, Lemon*, and Grapefruit* will give your skin a splash of long lasting energy and it will also purify your skin. You can use them as oil blends, fuse in baths, and diffusers too. This spring will fill your shopping cart with essentials and make your skin peppy.

*Please carefully read the directions for the application of essential oils on the skin.Summer:

A sun hat and eye wear isn’t enough to stand still against the dreading summer sun. Direct sun exposure gives your skin sunburns, premature aging, etc., and excessive heat can cause skin cancer too. To protect your skin from extreme hot waves, use sunscreen with  Sun Protective Factor (SPF) 15 or above. You can shop for optimum and standard certified sunscreens from Healthy Planet. Before stepping out of your home, make sure you apply sunscreen on your ears, nose, neck, hands,and leg areas to protect your skin from direct UV rays.


This season opens doors towards winter, when the humidity graph slowly starts dropping. This is a bit crucial season as it demands your skin to set between exiting summer and upcoming winter. Healthy Planet has exclusive categories like Cleansers, Toners, Moisturizers, Exfoliators, and Masks to keep your skin happy during summer.

Each season has its own pros & cons and accordingly you need to adjust your skincare regime. It is important to use the certified or expert-approved skin products to mitigate the chances of serious skin problems. Healthy Planet has skin care products for all groups available at great prices! So when are you planning to start shopping?