Ingredients & Toxins To Avoid When Skin Care Shopping

Our Skin is the largest organ of our body and it literally absorbs everything that we put on it. I am a firm believer of using products that are as natural as possible. I personally like to keep things simple and it is also better for mother earth as well. 

My natural skincare Journey started in 2009 and has been on this clean journey ever since. The journey evolved over time with my Eczema prone skin. If you have any questions about transitioning to a natural beauty and skincare regime, please feel free to reach out. I have coached women over the years on understanding their bodies and selecting effective natural skincare. Changing your personal care products might seem very overwhelming and daunting at first. However, I promise it isn’t.

How To Transition To Natural Skincare Products? 

You may have so many questions running on in your mind. 

Where should I start? You ask. 

What products should I buy? 

Should I throw away every single product that I currently have? 

What products should I buy first? 

Sorry to break it to you, I just want you to realize that there are toxins in almost every single consumer product we are using on our bodies. 

Everything ranging from your toothpaste, shampoo, hand soap and body lotion all have toxins. 

When it comes to making small changes on making a shift towards using better for you skincare and beauty products. Here is how I like to tell people to start. First, think of the products that we put on daily and don’t rinse off. These products stay on your body the longest and can easily enter our bloodstream. 

So my recommendation is to definitely start there and start looking in your bathroom! For example body lotion, face cream, eye creams since it is closest to your eyes and foundation and sunscreen. 

Our facial skin is rather sensitive, so our facial skin needs proper care. Our skin needs optimal hydration and adequate nutrition to remain healthy. However, the products we use may not always prove to be good for our skin, body and planet over time. Certain ingredients may include harmful chemicals so we need to be aware of them and start avoiding key ingredients ASAP. 


Top 3 Products To Avoid In Beauty Products:

Parabens The first one you should be aware of is parabens. This preservative is used in personal care products to increase their shelf life and essentially is added to prevent bacteria from growing. As your body absorbs these parabens, it attaches itself to your cells and disrupts the natural processes in the body. Medical researchers have found that there is a link to reproductive, neurological and skin irritation problems. You can identify parabens on product labels written in forms such as: ethylparaben, methylparaben, propylparaben, benzylparaben and butylparaben and etc.

Silicone Another ingredient you should be aware of is “silicone. In a lot of conventional makeup stores, some makeup artists might argue that silicone does nothing to harm the skin. That it doesn’t suffocate or irritate the skin or allow bacteria in the air to penetrate it, while giving the skin nothing but a smooth even texture. That is why this ingredient is widely used in a lot of makeup bases formations and allows for makeup to be evenly applied. There is nothing wrong with that. 

However, what the problem is that silicon DOES NOT allow anything to enter or exit the skin either. Silicone just ends up locking everything into the skin. Everything including oil as well as dead skin cells which potentially ends up causing acne and clogged pores. It will worsen the already acne-prone skin. It clogs the pores as it’s not easily washable. It has to be properly removed so that the skin can breathe or it will become dehydrated and you end up with premature wrinkles! 

Synthetic Fragrences Yes, that nice scent has a hidden cost, who knew?! The mainstream branded luxury face cream may smell all flowery and natural but in reality not all fragrances are naturally extracted. They are made through various chemical combinations in a lab. Most companies that sell a custom signature scent have what is called a “trade secret” where their exact recipe of this fragrance is only labeled as fragrance. In fact, they can basically mask hundreds of toxic components contained in the mixture. Because mainstream companies are hiding the ingredient list to avoid full disclosure it is really at the risk of our health. Anyone can be allergic to any of the ingredients contained in the fragrance and may have a reaction on your skin. 

Strong fragrances might be your favorite but it can cause serious headaches and nausea for others. While you may think harm from a fragrance to your skin might be invisible, the harm over time is real. The International Fragrance Association has listed over 2000 ingredients which have been used since 2011. 

Other Ingredients To Avoid When Skincare Shopping:

* Talc * Propylene Glycol * Toluene * Formaldehyde * Triclosan * Steareth-n 

* TEA * DEA * Artificial Colors * PEGS * Sunscreen Chemicals 

In Closing And Action Next Steps: 
Keep educating yourself by understanding ingredients on labels in the skincare and beauty products you have already been using. If you are not in the mindset to toss them out immediately, just be in the mindset to learn about them. Since our skin is the largest organ, we should aim to choose products with fewer ingredients that are not only safer for us but safer to the environment as well. 

I personally love Healthy Planet and have been a shopper for many years. They have a wide range of great skincare brands and products.

 Here Are Some Of My Favorites Products That I Have Been Using From Each Category: 

Lotion & Face Creams: Acure Brightening Day Cream 50mL
This product goes well with the serum, it isn’t greasy and does its job. Great for all skin types. What I like most about this one is the container tube, easy for on the go and I bring it around in my gym bag.

Eczema: Derma E Therapeutic Vitamin E 12,000 IU Cream 113g
For my Eczema spots, I like to give it extra moisture and like using this Vitamin E cream. There are so many great products in this brand. 

BodyMoisturizer: The Seaweed Bath Co Body Cream Lavender 177mL
I like the consistency of this body cream. It is thick, has a nice consistency and smells lovely. I like this lavender flavor for evening time, as well, they make a detox firming one with green coffee extract in lemongrass and grapefruit

Face Serum: Acure Radically Rejuvenating Argan Oil Rose 30mL
1-2 pumps of this facial serum goes a long way. It keeps my skin supple and like putting this on before my moisturizer to lock moisture and water in.  

Toner: Thayers Witch Hazel Rose Petal Toner Alcohol Free 355mL
I have been using this toner for the last 10 years. It doesn’t need anymore introductions and has been a fan favorite for many since the brand has been around making this exact same product since 1847. If it’s not broken, why fix it? It is simply that good.

Sources: The International Fragrance Association

Written by Stephanie Wong - @5teffy