The time of year is almost here when we whip out wackiest costumes, glittery & scary Halloween makeup, and various colored greasy face paints to decorate our faces with. Halloween is not far away! You may have probably planned something hilarious or scary for your costume. So what is it to be? KhalDrogo or Khalisi?Pennywise or Joker from Suicide Squad? Well, whatever it may be, one thing is quite sure. You’re certainly going to paint your face with an extra ton of makeup than necessary, but that should be fine, right? After all, Halloween is all about painting faces and donning weirdest costumes. 

Halloween is so exciting, however, the real tragedy starts post-Halloween party when you have to remove the heavy makeup and paint off your face. This, apparently, isn’t an easy task as Halloween makeup might leave your skin rough, itchy, or highly prone to pimples and other related skin allergies. Looking great for a Halloween night is simply not worth if you’re forced to suffer skin allergies for weeks after. While putting on the Halloween makeup, there are a few regimens which you need to follow post and pre-makeup. If your skincare routine is on track, you can enjoy the spooky Halloween selfies without worrying about skin problems later. 

Don’t worry about skin allergies because of greasepaint and makeup slathered all over your face and body. We have prepared a guide for you to prepare your skin pre and post-makeup! By following this guide, you can enjoy your holiday post-Halloween without having to deal with blemishes and skin irritation. 

Give Yourself Some Time Before Preparing Your Skin 

 Instead of slapping heavy makeup a few hours before the Halloween party, what you can do is start cleansing, toning, and moisturizing your skin a week before the party.  We suggest you use Green Beaver Grapefruit Facial Cleanser, Derma E Very Clear Acne Cleanser, orAlba Facial Scrub Papaya Enzymes as a cleanser for your skin. This will make your skin resistant to allergies, blemishes, and other skin conditions.

Moreover, stray away from using heavy makeup a week before the Halloween party. Breakout-free on the first of November. Exfoliating your skin can benefit in many ways like make your skin smoother, minimize the amount of dead skin on your face, and reduce blackheads.Healthy Planet Canada offers a premium range of cleansers you shouldn’t miss out.

Protective Base Application Before Halloween Makeup Is Necessary

Moisturizing your skin prior to makeup application will offer a protective shield to your skin. This won’t let the makeup to leave behind tough grease of paint or stains on your skin. Use a good quality facemask2 hours prior to the makeup as it keeps moisture intact in your skin. It’s preferable if you use a good quality primer as the base before applying makeup. The primer base will not only offer a barrier between the makeup and your skin but also nourish your skin meanwhile protecting it from damage. 

Also, make sure that you wipe your face clean with premium quality face wipes. We suggest you to use Pacifica Cleansing Wipes, Derma E Hydrating Facial Wipes, and Everyone Face Wipes as these are highly loved by customers. Not every costume makeup is created with quality products. A few of them may be skin-unfriendly, leaving your skin damaged with stains and greasy deposits, which are quite difficult to remove. Use premium quality Halloween makeup instead of going for normal and cheap ones. 

Be Gentle With Your Skin – Clean Up On The Same Night

 No matter how late you are or how tired you might be, make sure to clean up on the same night before going to the bed. Always remember that using a good cleanser prior to moisturizing and exfoliating post makeup is a good practice. Using premium quality makeup wipes and removers like Boo Bamboo Makeup Remover Wipes and Makeup Removers like Andalou Naturals Make-Up Remover and Derma E Makeup Remover are highly advised.

 Your skin and pillow will be thankful to you for using these little tricks! And with this, we’re calling it a wrap! For more products in Halloween Makeup Removing Range, make sure you visit our website Healthy Planet Canada! Have a happy Halloween dear readers!