Contribution That Matters: Promote Women Empowerment With Healthy Living

Women’s health holds a different meaning and significance for every individual. However, when we’re trying to put a specific meaning of this term, we’d like to think of it as Women Empowerment. Physical Strength, Emotional Strength, and Intellectual Wellbeing are the three core elements of the aforementioned subject.

In this age of social media when everyone’s talking about feminism, women empowerment, and more things like women’s wellbeing – health potential of women MUST be the first priority. This is what we believe, as a strong promoter of women’s health. Instead of following the fad, i.e. ranting about feminism and women empowerment on social media platforms, you can bring the actual difference by taking small steps towards the initiative.

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Ever heard the phrase Charity Begins At Home? In case, you haven’t, the meaning of this proverb is – a person's first responsibility is for the needs of their own family and friends. You might’ve got an inkling of what we’re trying to suggest here.

Yes, we’re asking you to start women empowerment by taking small but big gestures for the female friends, relatives, and family members. No, you do not have to go on buying an expensive car or an iPhone X, for that matter. All you need to do is, take care that your very own Wonder Women and Superwomen are reaching their health potentials and enjoying a healthy lifestyle change by the means of right care – exercise, diet, and supplements.

In this blog, we’re going to put more weight on formulas for women, which you shall find out as you scroll down a little. By the means of this particular blog, we’re trying to generate a general awareness of how supplements in the forms of formula are important for women undergoing a hormonal transformation.

Let’s Talk About Hormonal Changes In Women And The Measures We Can Take To Ease The Process

Women’s lifecycle has always been a complex subject. There are several uncomfortable issues, which tend to appear at specific stages in females. These subjects are namely, improper body functioning due to hormonal imbalance, issues related to menstrual cycle, and well, the most important one, MENOPAUSE. Apparently, the sad part is that we cannot do anything to eradicate these issues completely, however, we can certainly take a few steps to ease the process.

As a female body approaches menopause, there are a series of events that interrupt their regular activities in a major way. An active consultation with a good OB-GYN is highly recommended to ease the period of menopause.

Along with the consultation, one can also consider taking a formula like WOMENSENSE MenoSense. This product is designed to support the functions of a female body during the period of menopause along with keeping the system well balanced. WOMENSENSE EstroSense is also one such wonder formula! It helps in lessening the complications in menopause, premenstrual syndrome, and menstrual cycle. The product acts as a natural hormone balancer meanwhile promoting healthy estrogen metabolism.

Apart from this, women also tend to pass through issues like Adrenal Fatigue. This results in causing an improper digestive system, sleep disturbance, body ache, and nervousness. To ease these uncomfortable issues, one can definitely consider relying on WOMENSENSE AdrenaSense. WOMENSENSE is a well-known brand offering a line of products to promote a healthier lifestyle.

Healthy Planet Canada is on its quest to encourage women empowerment by the means of healthy living!

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We’re honored to be a prominent supporter of the Canadian Women’s Foundation. The foundation enlightens cultural exchange and promotes women empowerment every time you buy a special WOMENSENSE product. A sum of $5 from the sale of each WOMENSENSE bonus bottle is donated from Healthy Planet Canada to this foundation.



Canadian Women

The Canadian Women’s Foundation empowers women in Canada by encouraging leadership confidence. This national foundation addresses the biggest concerns of women and girls and hence offers them better opportunities to lead a healthy life.

By the means of purchasing WOMENSENSE products from our website, you’re not only taking care of your loved ones, you’re also contributing towards the betterment of Canadian women and promoting empowerment in true sense.

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Note: It’s advisable to consult a physician before using these products.