Our Top Picks for Christmas Presents That Your BFFs Will Absolutely Adore!

…. because best friends are for life and it’s your responsibility to get the right presents for them. You could certainly use a little inspiration before choosing the Christmas presents for those people who’ve been your constant companions and are your partner in crime!

Gadgets, soft toys, photo collages, etc., are too old school! How about you go for something healthier, natural, or organic this Christmas?

Healthy Planet Canada has scoured some of the best ideas for Christmas presents which your best friends are going to love! So, in case, you’re looking for some Christmas gift ideas, look no further because we’ve got it all arranged for you at one place – our blog!

Routine Deodorant: Are you friends obsessed with perfumes and deodorants, and at the same time, they’re too picky when it comes to choosing one due to the irritation/allergy concerns? If that’s the case, Routine Deodorant is just the right present to go for! The baking soda free and extra sensitive skin formula of this range keeps skin irritation-free along with fending off the body odor for a longer period of time. The best part about this range of deodorants is that they can be used on scrapes and cuts, too! What’s keeping you from buying? They’re offering a variety of fragrances in the range – Maggie's Citrus Farm, Jhonny's Cash, Like A Boss, Lucy In The Sky, Napolean's Dynamite, Sexy Sadie, Sweet Jane, and The Curator. Don’t wait anymore! Buy before these babies go out of the stock.

Pacifica Good Karma Skincare Set: Do you have a best friend that can go on for countless hours talking about skincare and makeup? Is your best friend one of those who wants nothing more than sheet masks, eye creams, serums, day & night creams, or illuminators for holiday presents? If the answer to these questions is yes, we have just the right Christmas present idea for you! Pamper your best friend with one of the best skincare products available on the market. The travel size packaging of Pacifica Good Karma Skincare Set is completely natural and a great beauty care product. This beautiful package contains Dreamy Youth Day and Night Cream .7 oz (travel-size), Guava Berry Color Quench Lip Tint (full-size), Sea Foam Complete Face Wash .7 oz (travel-size), Dreamy Youth Day and Night Cream .7 oz (travel-size), and Alight Multi-Mineral BB Cream .34 oz (travel-size).

Pacific Soy Candle: Do you have an artistic friend who could go the extra mile to decorate any space? Or do you have that one friend who is always eager to create a romantic atmosphere in the room by placing candles? If that’s the case, we’ve got the perfect present option for you! Traditional pillar candles are standard essentials to light up any room or mood, too! Try giving a modern yet classic twist by giving perfectly fragrant, clean-burning, and handmade Pacific Soy candles as a gift. Meanwhile, you could also light up your own Christmas eve with the Tibetan Mountain, Brazilian Mango, French Lilac, Tahitian Gardenia, and Tuscan Orange pillar candles.

Pre-workout and Post-workout essentials: We all have that one friend who is gym-toned and very conscious about staying healthy through regular exercises and fitness activities. We’re here with such healthy gift ideas to celebrate this Christmas! Before you go wondering what those ideas are, here is the range of pre-workout and post-workout supplements that can definitely be an ideal gift for your gym-conscious friends. These pre-workout and post-workout supplements could help your friend reach their goal and make the most of their workout sessions. Replenish energy through the post-workout sessions with Vega Sports Recovery Accelerator Tropical and pre-workout supplements such as Vega Sports Pre-workout Energizer Acai Berry to have immediate energy and increase the endurance. Give your friends a great way to stay focused, energized, and healthy this Christmas!

At this time of the festive year, finding the right gifts can be tiresome and stressful. That’s why we have presented the unique Christmas gift ideas to make your Christmas presents more memorable and fun. Consider HealthyPlanetCanada.com as your go-to store for health needs.

Stay festive, stay healthy!